Here you will find accessories for solenoid valves.

SVS Automation GmbH offers device sockets and solenoid coils as common accessories for solenoid and special solenoid valves. The device sockets are divided into those with cable entry and those with vulcanised cable, optionally with flat or with frame gasket. Coils with special voltage, extended voltage tolerance as well as high-temperature version and special encapsulants are available on request. We offer our customers more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of 2/2 and 3/2 way solenoid valves. We work and deliver just as reliably as on time. With our solenoid valve accessories to the individual types of magnets, the range is skillfully rounded.

valve connectors with cable entry

EN 175 301-803 (DIN 43650)




device standardEN 175301-803 (DIN 43650) Form A and C, Form D = ähnlich EN 175301-803 Form B
type of constructionConnector with screw terminals
cable entryPG 7, PG 9 or PG 11
temperature range-40 °C to +100 °C, with electronic components max.+80°C
materialPA 6 glass fiber-reinforced, contacts silver-plated
unit of supplyconnector  with profile seal in NBR and center screw M3
tightening torque0,5 Nm for type A and D, 0,2 Nm for type C
maximum cable diameterPG 7 = 4 – 6mm, PG 9 = 5 – 7mm, PG 11 = 6 – 9mm

electrical data

voltageDC voltage or AC voltage
protection classIP65 according DIN EN 60529 (DIN 40050) with correctly mounted connector
contact loadsee specifications of the particular type
LED colouryellow
max. wire cross section1,5 mm² rigid wire at type A and D, 1 mm² rigid wire at type Form C
special versionflat seal in NBR or in silicone, profile seal in silicone


connector GWith cable entry and profile seal between coil and connector in NBR
colourS = black, G = grey, T = transparent
number of contacts2 = 2 + PE, 3 = 3 + PE
interfaceA = DIN 43650A, C = DIN 43650C, D = similar to DIN 43650 B but industrial type
cable entry07 = PG 7, 09 = PG 9, 11 = PG 11
electrical wiringD = protecting diode, L = LED light diode + varistor, M = LED light diode + freewheeling diode,

N = LED light diode + RC element, V = varistor, R = rectifier + varistor, X = RC element,

Y = voltage reduction to a value <40 % after 0,6 seconds + LED light diode

supply voltage.012 = 12 Volt, 024 = 24 Volt, 110 = 110 Volt, 230 = 230 Volt
Kind of currentAC = alternating current, DC = direct current, AD = direct or alternating current


connectors according to DIN EN 175301-803 (DIN 43650), type A
type order-nr.voltage (V)currentcircuitscontact load max. (A)

GS2A090 –  250AC, DCwithout10
GS2A09D2300 –  230DCfreewheeling diode4
GT2A09L02424AC, DCLED + VDR5
GT2A09L230230AC, DCLED + VDR5
GS2A09R02424AC, DCrectifier + VDR4output voltage 20 Volt DC
GS2A09R230230AC, DCrectifier + VDR1output voltage 207 Volt DC
GT2A09Y02424DCpower reduction0,1 – 240% output voltage after 600msek.


connectors type D, similar to DIN EN 175301-803 (DIN 43650) type B
type order-nr.voltage (V)currentcircuitscontact load max. (A)


GS2D090 – 250AC, DCwithout10
GS2D09D2300 – 230DCfreewheeling diode4
GT2D09L02424AC, DCLED + VDR5
GT2D09L230230AC, DCLED + VDR5


connectors according to DIN EN 175301-803 (DIN 43650) type C
type order-nr.voltage (V)currentcircuitscontact load max. (A)


GS2C070 – 250AC, DCwithout6
GS2C07D2300 –  230DCfreewheeling diode4
GT2C07L02424AC, DCLED + VDR5
GT2C07L230230AC, DCLED + VDR5




freewheeling diode (D)


rectifier (R)

power reduction (Y)

E & OE: We reserve the right to change design, dimensions or materials without notice.

SVS encapsulated coils

system 05 – 19











ambient temperature-5°C to +50°C, higher allowed ambient temperatures on request
fluid temperaturesee specifications of the particular coil
materialwinding copper, temperature class H (180°C), magnetic plate steel zinc plated, encapsulation
material see specifications of the particular type
standard voltage24V DC, 24V 50Hz, 230V 50Hz
special voltage on request6 – 200V DC, 12 – 250V AC, please note – minimum quantities
general duty cycle100% ED (DB), continuous operation unless stated otherwise
acceptable voltage tolerance+/- 10% according to VDE0175 (DIN EC 60038)
special duty cycleFor coils with duty cycle < 100% ED the maximum duty cycle time is 2 minutes for system 5,7 and 9, and 3 minutes for system 13,16 und 19 according to VDE 0580.
protection classIP65 according DIN EN 60529 (DIN 40050) only with correctly mounted connector and profile seal
special versionplease note – minimum quantities must be ordered for special types


tube diameter (mm)coil typeB (mm)H (mm)L (mm)X (mm)electrical interfaceprotection class *
5A1G, A1I1014144,7Clip-connector radialIP30
5A1H, A1K1014144,7Clip-connector axialIP30
5A1E1014144,7strand 2-wiresIP65
7B1C1526216,6EN 175301-803C
(DIN 43650 C)
7B1E1526216,6strand 2-wiresIP65
9C1D, C2D2230299EN 175301-803 Form BIP65
9C3A3030369EN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
9CXFA2230559cable 3-wires, 3mII 2G Ex mb II T4
II 2D ExtDA21 IP65T130°C
13E1A30393813EN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
13E2A, E3A36394813EN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
13EXFA36457213cable 3-wires, 3mII 2G Ex mb II T4
II 2D ExtDA21 IP65T130°C
16F1AØ 39504516EN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
19G1AØ 46615419EN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)

* IP65 according DIN EN 60529 (DIN 40050) only with correctly mounted connector and profile seal


electrical interface

AEN 175301-803A (DIN 43650 A)/ (ISO 4400)
BEN 175301-803B (DIN 43650 B) / (ISO 4400)
CEN 175301-803C (DIN 43650 C) / (ISO 4400)
Dsimilar EN 175301-803B (DIN 43650 B) but industrial type
Ecable / 2 wire connection
Fcable / 3 wire connection
Gclip-connector radial
Hclip-connector axial
Iclip-connector freewheeling diode + LED red, radial
Kclip-connector freewheeling diode + LED red, axial


encapsulation material

A = nylon 6 polyamide glass fiber-reinforced  (PA 6)encapsulation material, not useable for high humidity, insulation class F (max. 155 °C)
B = stanyl
D = polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)well suited for high humidity, not suitable for high temperatures, insulation class F (max. 155 °C)
E = polyarylamide (PAA)well suited for high temperatures, also known as trademark IXEF insulation class H (180 °C), high strength
F = epoxy resinwell suited for high temperatures and high humidity insulation class H (180 °C)
G = polyphenylene sulphide (PPS)well suited for high temperatures but not suitable for high humidity insulation class H (180 °C)
H = polyethylene terephthalate  (PET)Rynite, well suited for high humidity and high temperatures insulation calss H (180 °C), high strength

Please note: Not each coil size can be delivered with all encapsulation materials. See all available coil types at the particular solenoid system.

supply voltagecode
230V 50Hz23050
24V 50 Hz02450
110V 60 Hz11060
12V direct current DC01200
24V direct current DC02400


Voltage must always be ordered with 5-digits.


order code 
tube diameter XA = 5mm, B = 7mm, C = 9mm, E = 13mm, F = 16mm, G = 19mm
coil power consumptionsee specifications of the particular coil
electrical interfacesee table electrical interface
encapsulation materialsee table encapsulation material
special versionOnly if existing, for ex. cable length, otherwise voltage according to encapsulation material
Supply voltagealways 5-digit, see voltage information’s


tube diametercoil
electrical interfacetemp.
max. fluid
encapsula-tion materialpower consumption

Direct current DC (W)

Alternating current AC (VA)





05A1GAclip radialF (155 °C)80 °CPA 61,31,15
A1IAclip radial, LED,
F (155 °C)60 °CPA 61,31,15
A1HAclip axialF (155 °C)80 °CPA 61,31,15
A1KAclip axial, LED,
F (155 °C)60 °CPA 61,31,15
A1EAcable 300mmF (155 °C)100 °CPA 61,31,15
07B1CAEN 175301-803C
(DIN 43650 C)
F (155 °C)130 °CPA 62,652,33,32,8
B1EA*cable 2-wire,
length 300mm
F (155 °C)130 °CPA 62,652,33,32,8
B1CHEN 175301-803C
(DIN 43650 C)
F (155 °C)130 °CRynite2,652,33,32,8
B1EH*cable 2-wire
length 300mm
F (155 °C)130 °CRynite2,652,33,32,8
09C1DAEN 175301-803B
(DIN 43650 B),
industrial type
F (155 °C)130 °CPA 63,02,595
C2DAEN 175301-803B
(DIN 43650 B),
industrial type
F (155 °C)130 °CPA 66,551310
C3AAEN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
F (155 °C)130 °CPA 66,35,21713
CXFAcable 3-wire
length 3m
F (155 °C)80 °CPA 65,24,15,55,5
13E1AAEN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
F (155 °C)120 °CPA 61293214
E2AAEN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
F (155 °C)100 °CPA 617124217
E3AEEN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
H (180 °C)140 °CPAA27187032
EXFAcable 3-wire
length 3m
80 °CPA 610,38,399
16F1AAEN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
F (155 °C)100 °CPA 627197035
19G1AAEN 175301-803A
(DIN 43650 A)
F (155 °C)100 °CPA 632238040


order example:    solenoid diameter 09, 10VA rated power, 24V, 50Hz: C2DA02450
                                solenoid diameter 16, 30VA rated power, 230V, 50Hz: F1AA23050
                                solenoid diameter 13, explosion protected coil, 24V DC: EXFA02400